interview with Erick Johansson


Name: Erik Johansson
Localization: Gothenburg, Sweden
Equipment: Canon EOS 5d mark II, Canon EF 24-70/2.8L USM, Canon EF 50/1.8, Canon EF 17-40/4L USM, Elinchrom flashes.

Tell us a little about you and what you enjoy doing, your daily workflow, and so on.

My name is Erik Johansson, I am a freelance photographer based in Sweden. I have just been photographing for a few years but I have been retouching since way back. It started as a hobby with personal projects but I am beginning to get more and more requests about commercial photo which is really fun.

What have motivated you to design? Design is expanding more and more in several areas (Graphic, Web, Products, 3D, etc..). what’s the area of design that you feel more interesting?
3d is something that fascinates me, I would love to learn some to mix with my photos but I don’t know any 3d yet. There are great possibilities with it.

Designers inevitably have periods when they lack their creativity. your work and ideas are phenomenal, where did you get your inspiration?
I get inspired from my everyday life, I try to look at things differently. But even I lack of inspiration sometimes, then it’s good to do something completely different.

What’s the most difficult image manipulation you have done?
Every new photo is a new challenge, for my own project I always look for challenges. So the next photo will always be the hardest one.

On average how long you take to assemble some of your projects?
I tend to take more and more time as I get more picky about details. But usually between 10 – 20 hours per photo.

In you opinion, what defines a great designer?
riginal ideas and a way to create them.

What is the most enjoyable project that you have worked and why?
Right now I am working with some press photos for a Frensh design company which is really fun because I get to come to Paris to photograph. It has been really fun so far.

Nowadays, when designers works for a company, their work have to be approved by many people and at the end the result is completely different than it was at the beginning. What do you think about designers’ creativity worth nowadays?

I always like to be a part of the creative process as much as possible. I think that the end result doesn’t become as good as it could have been if there are too many people involved.

QWhat are your three favorites sites?? Tell us why. – a swedish photo community, news, forum etc. – a swedish photoshop web site and blog. They also have some great guides and tips – great for inspiration

What would you say to those who are starting now?
Trying is the best way of learning! That worked for me…

A You Erik Johansson, was a pleasure doing this interview, we wish much success to you and congratulations for your great work!